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About the Friends of Edgewood

The Friends of Edgewood is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 public benefit corporation* funded 100% by membership dues, donations, and sales proceeds.

To promote stewardship of the park, the Friends of Edgewood engages in a number of activities to restore, preserve, and protect Edgewood’s natural resources and inspire visitors of all ages by offering hands on educational and interpretive natural history programs. Programs include:

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Our Partners

San Mateo County Parks Department

Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve is managed by the San Mateo County Parks department. You can find more information about Edgewood Park, including park regulations and hours of operation here.

San Mateo County Parks Foundation

The Parks Foundation raises funds to support projects, programs, and volunteers to benefit county parks and visitors. The Foundation was responsible for the funding of the Bill and Jean Lane Education Center and played a lead role in the building and exhibit design and construction.

California Native Plant Society

The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of CNPS supplies guidance, coordination and, most importantly, willing hands to support the habitat restoration efforts at Edgewood.

Creekside Science

Creekside Science plays an important role in the restoration of native ecosystems at Edgewood Park, including the Bay checkerspot butterfly, San Mateo thornmint and white-rayed pentachaeta restoration projects and the Green Grass initiative that are all part of Project 467.

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2021 Board of Directors


Peter Ingram, President
Barrie Moore, Vice President
Linda Leong, Secretary
Angela Mallett, Treasurer


Laurie Alexander
Sandra Bernhard
Kathy Goforth
Peter Ingram
Bill Korbholz
Kathy Korbholz
Linda Leong
Angela Mallett
Perry McCarty
Barrie Moore
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*The Friends of Edgewood’s federal EIN (Employer Identification Number) is 94-3188191