Weed Warriors

The Edgewood Weed Warriors operate under a permit issued to the California Native Plant Society. They meet regularly to remove invasive plants at Edgewood, thereby allowing for greater biodiversity, natural habitats, and those beautiful wildflower displays that everyone enjoys.

The Weed Warriors normally meet on Wednesdays and Fridays with additional monthly sessions on third Saturdays during wildflower season, from March through July, plus National Public Lands Day in September.

Due to Covid-19, the weeders are restricted to just three weeders per leader per session. To participate you must first be added to the Weed Warriors Volunteer email; weeders will then receive an invitation to fill one of the available slots. Demand is great for these slots so it may be several weeks before you are chosen.

If you wish to be added to the Weed Warriors email and apply for one of the weekly slots, contact the Weed Warrior program coordinator, Paul Heiple, (pheiple@gmail.com).

Volunteer Elly Hess began the weeding program at Edgewood in 1989; it continues today with over 60 volunteers. Their dedicated effort to contain invasive plants like yellow star thistle, teasel, and non-native grasses allows Edgewood’s native grasses and wildflowers to thrive.

Program Coordinator, Paul Heiple, leading an intensive effort to eradicate yellow star thistle in 2019.
A few of the many dedicated volunteers who have been part of the Weed Warriors program at Edgewood Natural Preserve over the years.