Western Bluebird

Bird Walks

Many birds make their homes in Edgewood Park, such as the Red-shouldered Hawk and the Western Bluebird.  During the fall and winter, other birds may just be passing through on their migration to somewhere else. All are a joy to watch and hear.

Hikes are geared toward adults and older children interested in learning more about the birds of San Mateo County’s only natural preserve. Note that Edgewood’s many narrow trails cannot accommodate strollers.

Heavy rain cancels hikes.

See our calendar or events page for specific dates and where to meet.


Check our calendar for upcoming walks. You can register for upcoming events at friendsofedgewood.eventbrite.com.

Where to meet

Walks start from the Bill and Jean Lane Education Center, or from the Clarkia Trailhead on Canada Road.  Details on where to meet will be sent to attendees after they register. Register for upcoming events at friendsofedgewood.eventbrite.com.

What to bring

Bring water, a hat, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and a snack if you wish. We don’t stop for lunch, but picnic tables are usually available after the walks in the picnic area.

Red-shouldered hawk on nest
Red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus)
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Western bluebird on log

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