Renowned for its spring wildflower displays and rare serpentine habitat, Edgewood is a prime example of California’s extraordinary floral diversity. Our state has more plant species than any other, one-third of which are endemics, growing nowhere else in the world. Edgewood Preserve is a precious microcosm of this increasingly-threatened natural diversity. In less than one square mile, the preserve supports over 560 plant species, including a number of rare and endangered plants, across 9 plant communities:

    • Woodlands — Oak Woodlands, Mixed Evergreen Forest
    • Grasslands — Serpentine Grassland, Annual Grassland
    • Shrublands — Serpentine Chaparral, Chamise Chaparral, Northern Coastal Scrub
    • Wetlands — Freshwater Wetland, Seasonal Riparian

What’s Blooming Now?

Click here for our Edgewood Wildflower Survey, updated weekly year-round. You can also check out observations of Edgewood’s plants at iNaturalist.

Browse Edgewood Plants

In addition to photos and descriptions of selected Edgewood plants, you can learn how a plant adapts to its habitat, how wildlife and humans use it, ID tips, and other interesting facts. Browse the tiles below or use the INDEX to search for plants and plant families by common or scientific names.

Browse Edgewood Plant Families

Discover Edgewood Plant Families to find out more about them.

Online tool for identifying plants

In addition to the tools listed on our Field Guide, check out the following website.

  • – This website helps plant lovers at any level identify California plants. Search by plant type, flower color and structure, leaves, and other characteristics, as well as by location. PlantID hosts an Edgewood plant list.