Education Center Entrance

Green Building

At Edgewood, green design is an action plan, not an afterthought. Park supporters, architects and builders took many steps to reduce the environmental impact of the Education Center. The result is a building that fits into the natural landscape, and serves as the perfect example of the kind of stewardship the Education Center is designed to inspire. The Center received a 2012 Green Building Award from Sustainable San Mateo County.

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The building’s compact footprint minimizes its impact on Edgewood’s natural resources. It was placed on already-degraded habitat, where a house once stood. This site reduced the need for grading and incorporated the natural hillside for the ampitheater. The design made sure that all native trees would remain.

Bathroom tiles
Commitment to Reuse

Recycled building materials from local sources were used throughout the building. The front doors were salvaged from the annex to the old County Courthouse, the floors are made from reclaimed shipping crates, and the bathroom uses tiles leftover from home remodel projects.

Energy Conservation

The design, cool roof, and strategic use of windows for ventilation and natural lighting reduce the Center’s energy demands.

Eco-friendly New Materials

The building shingles are made from recycled rubber, the decks are built from recycled plastic resins, and the Center is insulated with recycled blue jeans. The walls around the garden are made from recycled patios and sidewalks as well as from fly ash concrete. All the lumber is from certified sustainable sources. Throughout the building paints and finishes are low VOC. Construction debris was, of course, recycled.