California Plantain

Plantago erecta (California Plantain); Photo by Kathy Korbholz

Scientific Name: Plantago erecta.  Plantago means sole of foot; erecta means erect.

Other Common Name: Dwarf Plantain

Family Name: Plantaginaceae

Description: California plantain grows low to the ground, with long fuzzy leaves at its base and upright stems that terminate in  groups of small white flowers.  For more, see Jepson’s eFlora description.

Notes: California plantain is critical caterpillar food for our Bay Checkerspot Butterfly (Euphydryas editha bayensis); In March and April, fertilized female butterflies lay clusters of eggs on California plantain. Tiny black caterpillars hatch ten days later. The larvae feast on the plantain and grow quickly.

Finding it at Edgewood: California Plantain blooms at Edgewood from March to June.  It is common in dry, grassy places, and can be found along the Edgewood and Clarkia trails, as well as on sections of the Sylvan Trail and the Serpentine Loop.  See map below.

California plantain (Plantago Erecta) distribution at Edgewood
Plantago Erecta distribution at Edgewood

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Jepson Flora Project

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Information compiled by Dianne Hunt and Anna Lee