Serpentine Linanthus

Leptosiphon ambiguus (Serpentine Linanthus); Photo by Kathy Korbholz

Scientific Name: Leptosiphon ambiguusLepto means slender; siphon means tube.  Linanthus comes from linon, meaning flax, and anthos, meaning flower.

Family Name: Polemoniaceae (Phlox)

Description:  Linanthus is an annual that grows upright up to 20 cm (8 in) tall. Linanthus flowers are long and tube-like, with five petals that range in color from blue to purple to pink. For more, see Jepson’s eFlora description.

Finding it at Edgewood:  Linanthus is an obligate serpentine endemic – it will only grow on serpentine soil.  Look for it at the junction of the Clarkia Trail and the lower Serpentine Loop, or on the Edgewood Trail between Canada Road and I-280.  It blooms from March to June.  See map below.

Serpentine Linanthus (Leptosiphon ambiguus) distribution at Edgewood
Leptosiphon ambiguus distribution at Edgewood

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Jepson Flora Project

Corelli, T. Flowering Plants of Edgewood Natural Preserve. Half Moon Bay, CA: Monocot Press, 2004.

Information compiled by Diana Quon and Anna Lee