Edgewood is known for its plant diversity and spectacular wildflower displays. Within its 467 acres, Edgewood supports 90 plant families in 9 plant communities. These communities are classified as: non-native grassland, serpentine bunchgrass grassland, chaparral, mixed serpentine chaparral, chamise chaparral, mixed Northern California coastal scrub, oak foothill woodland, mixed hardwood subgroup of the mixed evergreen forest community, and wetlands. In all, there are over 500 plant species at Edgewood, which is an unusually high plant diversity.

This guide takes a closer look at some of the rare and endangered species found at Edgewood, as well as some of the plants that are found in the serpentine grassland plant community.

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View or download a partial list of plants that can be found at Edgewood.

Use the photos database to list most Edgewood plants, find plants by color, bloom period, or show where they may be found on the trail map. Using the photos option, view photos of each plant.

A complete list of more than 550 plant species documented at Edgewood, can be generated by searching the nrdb database at

Check out Flowering Plants of Edgewood Natural Preserve by Toni Corelli. This authoritative field guide includes descriptions and drawings of 481 vascular plant species found at Edgewood and is available for purchase at the Education Center.